November 22, 2023

High on the Hog Season 2: Savoring the Past, Nourishing the Future in Culinary History

“High on the Hog” returns with a highly anticipated Season 2, promising another immersive exploration of the rich history and cultural significance of African American cuisine. Building on the success of the first season, this docuseries continues to celebrate the roots, resilience, and innovation of Black culinary traditions. From soulful dishes passed down through generations […]

November 1, 2023

Grenada’s Launches Culinary Partnership with Award Winning Chef Alexander Smalls

With renowned Chef Alexander Smalls, Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) has created a partnership to elevate its reputation as a premier culinary destination. A Flavorful Partnership This culinary collaboration is set to build on a range of exciting initiatives, including a Master Class conducted by local chefs, the development of recipes showcasing Grenada’s signature spices and […]

February 16, 2022

John Boyd Jr. is Making Sure Black Farmers Achieve Nationwide Recognition 

John Wesley Boyd Jr. is a Baskerville, Virginia farmer, civil rights activist and the founder of the National Black Farmers Association. Founded in 1997, The National Black Farmers Association is a nonprofit civil rights organization that advocates for social, political and economic justice for African-American farmers. Their mission is to “empower the black family farm […]

August 12, 2021

Cotton is Our Culture: Meet the Man Who’s Changing the Narrative for Black Farmers

Farming runs in Julius Tillery’s DNA. The thirty-something-year-old farmer turned entrepreneur turned advocate is a fifth-generation farmer in North Carolina who’s set on preserving the culture of agriculture among Black Americans. Tillery sheds light on the dwindling number of Black farmers in America while also celebrating the culture of cotton through his brand Black Cotton.  […]

May 18, 2021

Ron Finley Has Mission to Make Gardening Cool

Imagine a world where everyone knows how to garden and grow their own nutritious food, and food deserts are a problem of the past. This is the dream that “gangsta gardener” Ron Finley had turned into a reality in his South Central Los Angeles neighborhood. “When you learn how to cultivate your own food, that’s […]