Shaping New Perspectives: Cord Jefferson’s Oscars Speech

Shaping New Perspectives: Cord Jefferson’s Oscars Speech

March 11, 2024 0

American Fiction director Cord Jefferson delivered a powerful message to Hollywood following his historic win at the Academy Awards on Sunday night. Securing the coveted trophy for Best Adapted Screenplay, Jefferson, in his first foray into film direction, used his acceptance speech to advocate for greater opportunities for aspiring filmmakers.

In a now-viral moment, Jefferson urged the industry to embrace risk and diversify its investment portfolio beyond mega-budget blockbusters.

“It’s a plea to acknowledge and recognize that there are so many people out there who want the opportunity that I was given,”

Cord Jefferson

He stressed the importance of taking chances on smaller-scale productions, suggesting that instead of solely backing a few high-risk, high-budget ventures, Hollywood should allocate resources to support a multitude of more modestly budgeted films.

His impassioned plea struck a chord on various social media platforms, where a clip of his speech garnered over 520,000 views and 20,000 likes within hours of his acceptance. Jefferson’s call to action resonated deeply with viewers, echoing the sentiment that there’s a wealth of untapped talent waiting for their chance to shine in the industry.

Expressing his desire to see others experience the same joy and opportunity he has found, Jefferson emphasized the need for Hollywood to nurture emerging voices. “The next Martin Scorsese is out there. The next Greta [Gerwig] is out there. The next Christopher Nolan is out there,” he proclaimed. “They just want a shot. And we can give them one.”

In closing, the Oscar winner reflected on the transformative impact of his journey, expressing gratitude to all those who believed in him. “This has changed my life. Thank you all who worked on this movie, for trusting a 40-year-old Black guy who never directed anything before,” Jefferson humbly acknowledged.

Adapting American Fiction from Percival Everett’s acclaimed 2001 novel ‘The Erasure’, Jefferson’s directorial debut has been hailed for its poignant storytelling and rich character development. Having previously made his mark in journalism and television, earning accolades including a Primetime Emmy award, Jefferson’s triumph at the Oscars marks a significant milestone in his career.

For those who missed Jefferson’s stirring speech, the full video is available below, encapsulating the essence of his impassioned plea for a more inclusive and supportive Hollywood.

BMI Staff
BMI Staff