Jonathan Majors Soars As Jesse Brown, The First African-American Aviator Of The U.S. Navy.

Jonathan Majors Soars As Jesse Brown, The First African-American Aviator Of The U.S. Navy.

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Based on the book “Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice”, The movie highlights not only Jesse Browns journey, but his “Devotion” to his position as a pilot, his wife Daisy who helped motivate him every step of the way and his friend, Tom Hudner. 

Born in Mississippi to a sharecropper family and enrolled in 1944 Ohio State University, his motivation was often told he would never fly a plane due to his ethnicity. He joined the Naval Reserve to beat those odds. 

A Cast and Crew's Commitment to Making 'Devotion' - The New York Times
Jonathan Majors (Jesse Brown), Glen Powell (Tom Hudner)

Set in 1950, during the Korean War, we see Jesse overcome the trails and tribulations of racism and exclusion, creating self-affirmations and focusing on his true motivation, his family. 

Jessie Brown’s wife, Daisy (Played by Christina Jackson) was one of Brown’s biggest devotions as his anchor. In every scene she would uplift her husband and give him the motivation he needed to come back home. As the two would communicate through letters, Jesse would sign each letter as “Your devoted husband, Lovingly and Completely Yours.” 

Christina Jackson (Daisy Brown), Jonathan Majors (Jesse Brown)

Within the combat portion of the movie, the aerial sequences are flawless and show the camaraderie of Brown and his team which develops throughout the film. As they grow closer as a team, they each support and come to the defense of Brown against hateful words and actions from other serviceman, press, and more.

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After Brown’s final service, he posthumously received the Distinguished Flying Cross (Act of extraordinary achievement), The Air Medal (Act of Meritorious achievement) and Purple heart (Honor fallen soldiers). Directed by J.D. Dillard, this movie ascends, showcasing every aspect of Brown’s life equally and centers around the many layers Brown has to mentally endure. Rejecting the lazy and typical “physical” forms of racism shown in movies.

Devotion highlights Jesse Brown’s inspiration, celebrates his heroism, determination and exemplifies the Black Male Image. 

Devotion is out now. 

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