Johnson Season 2, Episode 3: “New Flame” Recap

Johnson Season 2, Episode 3: “New Flame” Recap

July 31, 2022 0

The scene starts with Keith waiting around awkwardly in a train yard. He’s on the phone with Nancy stating that the artist he’s supposed to shoot is late. Abruptly, pulling up in a loud car is the mentioned artist. They go back and forth about the vision of the photo shoot, but they can not agree on the terms due to budget. One of the many struggles as a photographer. 

Cueing to the Omar, Naomi & Caleb, they are sitting with the principal, Wanda Brooks (played by Terri J. Vaughn) to discuss Caleb’s “development” as a teenager. The principals is suspending Caleb for 3 days. Walking towards the car, Omar urges Caleb to be more respectful to girls, whether it’s speaking or in the form of a letter. Both Omar & Naomi discuss how the world is changing quickly, kids can absorb and access everything on their phones. They both embrace one another, and laugh about the situation. 

We find Greg looking at his phone, viewing flashbacks of him and Serena, thanks to Apple. Omar calls and they discuss relationships. Omar doesn’t want Greg to rush back into a relationship and take time for himself. Greg, thanks him, but he proceeds to drive over to her place anyways, disregarding Omar’s advice.

Greg knocks on Serena’s door and a man opens the door. The man confuses Greg for the gardener, but it the conversation takes a turn. Both are passive aggressive with their remarks, stating their position with Serena. Both men part ways, sizing each other up. 

The Camera shutters as Keith is shooting the mentioned artist. Annoyed as the artist and his manager, Keith takes a break to contact Jackie. The artist picks up his camera to view the images. As the artist begins telling a story, he drops the camera by accident, causing it to break. Keith’s is angry and the scene transitions to the guys at the bar. The guys are listening to Keith’s situation and ask “well is he going to pay for the camera?”, Keith responds “No, he offered me lifetime tickets for his shows”. Jarvis & Greg laugh. In a drunken state, Greg is sad over Serena. The guys try to get him to leave, but he insist on staying at the bar. Jarvis & Keith telling bartender to watch closely over their friend.

Going back to Omar, the scene is smokey and we hear the sultry sounds of a Kenyon Dixon in the background. Omar is taking Naomi out and the setting is calming. They begin to converse about how they’ve grown and begin to move to the dance floor, dancing closely. At the end of their date night, Naomi & Omar talk about how wonderful the night was. Continuing to reminisce and rekindle their relationship together.

Greg, continuing in his drunken state converses with the bartender about women in relationships. As he begins to get ready to leave, the bartender ask if he’s okay to drive. He says “I’m fine” and continues to walk to his car. Greg begins driving and swerved back and forth on the road, he misses the first car but then we hear a crash, the screen blacks out and cuts to a woman named Ursula who is checking on Greg’s condition. After a slight back and forth, she helps Greg out the car, and agrees to drive him to his preferred location. He arrives at the the destination and it’s Serena’s friend. LaQuisha aka “Q”. She tells him “Serena isn’t here”, but he ask for her help anyways. Q agrees and helps him inside of her place. 

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