Johnson Season 2, Episode 2: “Bigger Man” Recap

Johnson Season 2, Episode 2: “Bigger Man” Recap

July 20, 2022 0

The sun rises and the group continues to search for Caleb. Continuing to break down, Omar is exhausted, but Greg reminds him not to lose hope. After stopping in front of Omar’s house, Omar notice’s Caleb’s bike and immediately runs to the porch. He finds Caleb, laying in front of the house, Omar runs to console Caleb and hes tells him he’s fine.

The scene cuts to Omar and Naomi, full of emotions from Caleb’s disappearance. Omar insist on speaking to him when he has time to settle down. We later find out in the conversation, Caleb found his Dad’s address through his mom’s purse. His reason was “He missed his Dad”. After telling Caleb to go upstairs, Omar attempts to convinces Naomi, to give Caleb to him full-time, As he can prepare Caleb to be a man. Which showcases a different perspective and a man’s point of view in taking care of his son.

Through an office chair, we find Keith meeting with his new agent. We later find out, it’s an opportunity to shoot an unpleasant artist. Keith is determined to shoot larger artist and covers, but his agent reassures him he has to “Put in the work” in order to get to the next level.

We transition to Lisa, who mentions her friend Karen stopping by the house. She mentions her husband stopping by as well. Jarvis isn’t pleased with him coming over as Karen’s husband attempted to use Jarvis’ identity to enhance his father’s company diverse image. Jarvis is annoyed, Lisa then follows up by asking about his deposition. Surprised by her question, he answers her. Jarvis mentioned the Police “twisting his words’, but he made his point. Lisa with an uncomfortable look on her face was scared to go back to the station and relive what happened. Even though, Jarvis asked for her support in fighting for justice. She reminds him again, “You should of just gave the officer your license, none of this would have escalated”. Jarvis is becoming annoyed with her and tells her “His rights were violated, if you dont stand for something you’ll fall for anything”. She blows him off and walks away, calling him “Greg”.

Transitioning into a smooth drive, we see Omar, Jarvis and Greg drive up to Keith’s place. Omar gets out the car and tells the guys “This is something he needs to do himself”. Omar thanks Keith for all of his help in finding Caleb, and ask him to come in. In the first minute, they start going back and forth about Bianca. They both, discuss each other’s perspective and try to be the “Bigger men” in this situation. Omar reminds him the best thing he can do is “be himself”. The rest of the guys barge in, worried about Omar making sure he’s good, as Omar mentions “If i don’t come back in 10 minutes help me”. Keith says “if there’s only one way we can fix things, we have to do it this way”

We see boxing gloves painted on a building and cut to Omar and Keith in a boxing ring. Getting both guys prepped for their sparring session, Greg jokingly ask Keith “Do you mind if i bet?” Keith responds “you’d be stupid not to”. Greg continues to yell over at Jarvis, telling him “I got $100 on Keith getting knocked out in the first minute”. Jarvis laughs and joins in “I got Omar on the first 30 seconds”. Greg says “deal”. Both guys begin to fight, Keith starts off with a superman punch, and follows up with a flurry of punches. Omar responds with a clinch and we see Keith out of energy. Keith gets out of the clinch after distracting Omar with trash talk and strikes him with a right hook. Omar is astonished, hanging on the ropes. Keith runs back cheering as if he won the sparring session, until Omar comes back with a right uppercut, landing Keith out cold, on his back. After the match, they “congratulate” Keith on his performance and they both reconcile.

We later find Jarvis, sitting with Karen’s husband, Kevin. He is dancing awkwardly around the situation about his father’s company. He mentions “feeling awful” about putting out the press release, but Jarvis cuts him off saying “for?” and reminding him that he used his identity as a black man for his company to save face. He responds stating his dad fired him from the firm. Jarvis maturely responds to him saying “We don’t have to be friends, we don’t have much in common” until Kevin mentions he’s a semi-professional poker player. Jarvis has a devilish look and is interested in Kevin’s hobby.

At the pool hall, the guys finally tell Keith the truth about the sparring match and Jarvis reveals a plan to finally beat Eugene (Played by D.L. Hugely)at poker. Later in the night, we hear a glass break in Jarvis’ house. Lisa is scared, and Jarvis tells her to stay in the bedroom as he’ll make sure its safe. Jarvis has a bat in his hand, nervously checking to see who the mysterious person is. The scene ends with Jarvis looking outside, holding Lisa with one hand, the bat with the other and a mixture of emotions.

Throughout this episode, we find all of our characters becoming the “Bigger Man’ in various situations, from brotherhood, spouses, to ex. work colleagues and more. As tense as a situation gets, it’s important to overcome the issues and become the bigger person”

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