Johnson Season 2, Episode 1: “Olive Branch” Recap

Johnson Season 2, Episode 1: “Olive Branch” Recap

July 11, 2022 0

The episode starts with Jarvis & Greg connecting after one of season 1’s biggest incident, discussing growth, preferences and finding a place of understanding between their differences, hence the title “Olive Branch”. This is all while helping Omar move into his new place and starting over his relationship with Naomi, learning to love each other again. Everyone is there except Keith. Omar and Keith are still not speaking due to Omar’s interaction with Bianca. Keith is unaware the other guys are hanging out with Omar, but Omar is determined to fix this. 

The conversation shifts as Jarvis is working on his deposition and lawsuit against the police department, As the arrest was illegal. Jarvis pledges to fight, “As there are people who experience police brutality don’t have the resources to defend themselves”. The episode transitions to the Danni, Jarvis’ previous assistant protesting outside of the building. She organized community members (southwest chapter of BlackRise) to protest outside and support Jarvis & the many other victims who faced police brutality. He tells her to be careful and thanks her for everything as they briefly hold eye contact.

Opening the door of a record shop we notice a woman notice Keith, it’s Jackee from the Atrium. They begin to discuss music (Little Richard “King of Rock & Roll”) and after finds out Keith is a photographer. She tells Keith she’s turning 30 and looking for a photo shoot to celebrate this special time. Keith is interested and Jackee tells Keith “tell me your rates, I believe in paying people their worth”. After Jackee finds the record in another section, she hands it to Keith and they begin to lock eyes and realize their connection is far beyond just music. 

Following to Jarvis, he is sitting in the facility, filmed for his official statement. We find out Jarvis’ middle name is Courtney. Going further with the deposition, the officers are reluctant to release the body cam footage as they need to “investigate” the events further. There is a slight push back on the officers side, but Jarvis is determined to share this horrific event.

Returning to Omar’s house, Omar ask Greg “how the bachelor life is treating him”, Greg says “amazing” but he misses his Serena and is in a place of distraught. Greg’s Uber account deactivated and he is trying to manage by doing handyman work. Omar is shocked, tells Greg “I’ll keep my ears open for job opportunities” and urges him to stop moping around and get out there and meet people. Omar then receives a call from Naomi concerning Caleb’s behavior. Omar attempts to diffuse the situation but Caleb is uninterested. Following this call, Greg receives a phone call from Keith, he wants the guys to connect. But he is unaware Omar will be in attendance.

Later in the evening, Greg, Omar and Jarvis head to Omar’s uncle lounge, Eugene played by “D.L. Hugely” and joined by Booker played by “Earthquake”. Eugene tells Omar he broke the code, and Greg tells him “we’re on his case about it everyday”. Omar blames the “casamigos”. After a few jokes and laughs, the conversation begins to center around relationships, Booker fires at Jarvis, asking “If his wife still be with him if she knew he was struggling.” Jarvis confidently says “Yes she would be”. Omar say “Women want stability and money, money creates stability”. 

Eugene breaks down and says “a wise man once said all the women, babies and pets are loved unconditionally, A man is only love for what he can provide”. The laughs and conversations continues over Hubbard Maduro – Cigars

Abruptly, Omar receives a call from Naomi, stating Caleb ran away. The crew offers their help, Greg drives, Jarvis joins Omar, and Eugene uses his radio station to broadcast this news in hopes to find Caleb. The party is still searching for Caleb and Keith unexpectedly joins the rest of guys in helping Caleb, disregarding his previous issues he has with Omar. 

After a while of driving, Omar sees a man with who he think has Caleb’s bike. After approaching the man and grabbing him, the feared man is pleading with Omar stating he just bought the bike from the store. Omar apologizes and breaks down.

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