Frederick Akpoghene: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Car Travel

Frederick Akpoghene: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Car Travel

February 17, 2022 0

Frederick Akpoghene is the founder of JéGO Technologies, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures autonomous vehicles including self-driving pods that can be used to transport goods and services.  Based in Miami, the company’s goal is to use its mobile platform to connect users with businesses that provide on-demand services like Flu Testing, COVID testing, IV therapy and other services which can be brought directly to customers using driverless JéGO pods. 

“My idea for JéGO came from the fact that I was born in Africa.  When I came over here I was an engineer at Chrysler for 15 years,” Akpoghene said. “One of the things I realized, especially when I traveled back to my country, is that transportation was a real challenge in my country.”

Frederick Akpoghene, CEO & Founder, JéGO Technologies

In the earlier brainstorming stages, JéGO was originally positioned as medical transportation for clients, but as COVID hit, the company realized the full functionality of their vehicles. The mobile clinic could support testing, transportation to hospitals and supply medication.  In addition to their services, JéGO is tapping into the NFT sector, featuring their JéGO pods. Which will be available this month on the Opensea platform. 

Photo Courtesy of JéGO Technologies

The next step for Akpoghene is to take their technology far beyond what has been done before, and to build a business model that is centered around micro-mobility solutions. They are aiming to build out the JéGO ecosystem by forming partnerships with city governments and major transportation companies. The goal is to launch JéGO pod’s for Q3 2022, with pilots in major cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta and more to be announced within the upcoming years. The fleets plan to spread around the U.S., Europe and South Africa. 

While Q3 is approaching, the autonomous market is expected to reach $367 billion globally by 2030 and JéGO will be open to everyone looking to get their products and services directly to users and have already partnered with a local manufacturer to produce the Pods.

We are looking forward to seeing JéGO create change throughout the world as the first-ever black-owned fleet of self-driving pods.

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