3 Lessons ‘A Journal for Jordan’ Teaches Us About Black Fatherhood and Sacrifice

3 Lessons ‘A Journal for Jordan’ Teaches Us About Black Fatherhood and Sacrifice

December 8, 2021 0

Denzel Washington’s latest directorial project, “A Journal for Jordan,” tells a true story of love and sacrifice based on Dana Canedy’s moving memoir. 

If you’re looking for a tearjerker movie to go see with your family this holiday season, it seems like this drama won’t disappoint. The story, which stars Michael B. Jordan and Chanté Adams, tells the real-life romance between Army First Sgt. Charles King and notable journalist Dana Canedy and how the engaged couple navigates raising a new baby and King’s deployment to Iraq. 

There’s no news yet about how closely the new movie reflects the memoir, but it’s safe to say that this film explores a familiar theme of father/son legacies plus notes on sacrifices and the costs of love and war.

So, in other words, this movie gets deep, and in 2022 and beyond, we need more movies that portray Black fatherhood in a positive light, and highlight the complexities of the unique experiences of Black fathers and sons, too. The film will center on King’s narration, and the audience will get to hear some of the letters he wrote to his son, Jordan. 

Many gems will be dropped in these narrations, as King filled his journal with letters of advice and wisdom for his son. But if you can’t wait to catch the movie in theaters on December 25th, discover some life lessons from “A Journal for Jordan” that we can all take about fatherhood and sacrifice below: 

Love makes you willing to let go of more than you think. 

In the memoir, Canedy makes it clear that she and King were not an obvious match at first. But still, they made it work, and they both made incredible sacrifices in the process. While it may look messy, you can’t deny their love or the beautiful things that came from it, like their son. 

Fathers can build a legacy for themselves, even after they’re gone. 

Every dad out there can recognize the importance of leaving a legacy that goes on through his kids. However, how the story of “A Journal for Jordan” unfolds goes to show that a son can still feel the impact of his father and his legacy, even without him being present in person for him. 

It’s important never to leave things unsaid. 

Probably the most important lesson of this movie is that it’s essential to get things off your chest before it’s too late. Whether that means having a tough conversation with some loved ones, or leaving precious notes to your son in a journal, if you have something to say, then say it now. 

“A Journal for Jordan” will make you laugh, cry, and smile as you watch a story about a beautiful Black family play out on screen, and it seems like there won’t be a shortage of nuggets of wisdom to pick up either. Look forward to hearing the actual thoughts and journal entries from King in the movie, and to learn how King and Canedy’s story continues, watch the film in theaters starting December 25th. 

Dana Canedy (center), the late 1st Sgt. Charles Monroe King and their infant son Jordan share a family photo / Courtesy of U.S. Army

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