Meet Justin Bibb, Cleveland’s New Mayor

Meet Justin Bibb, Cleveland’s New Mayor

October 21, 2021 0

The lover of bringing people together, Justin M. Bibb proudly and humbly won the position of Mayor of Cleveland in his home country. Justin grew up on the southeast side of Cleveland. 

As a result of his volatile surroundings as a youngster, he spent much of his time in the library nearby, attending Sunday church, and being active in dramatic plays or writing speeches. 

Though his personal life from the early years was painted with many struggles and hardships, it acted as a pivotal point pushing him forward in his current career.  Justin has never looked back or become demotivated but instead pushed himself forward. He decided to further his studies in the area of urban policy. His desire and drive to build evenhanded cities began here. 

Without a doubt, Justin was successful in his studies and earned his first degree in B.A. of Urban Studies from the American University. As a result of his outstanding achievement, he was awarded a scholarship to further his studies at the London School of Economics for a year. His academic career didn’t end there but climaxed upon receiving his J.D. and M.B.A from the Case Western Reserve University. With his love and academic portfolio, Justin has served the government for over fifteen years. He also holds business and philanthropic positions as an executive, organizer, and leader in the non-profit sector. 

His experience further increased with the knowledge he earned while working with President Barack Obama as an intern. At this time, he was in the Senate and served as the Special Assistant for Cuyahoga County. He also served as the Head of the Global Cities Practice at Gallup and as the Vice President of KeyBank.

In 2014 he stood as one of the founders of Hack Cleveland. After which, he launched Cleveland Can’t-Wait, a non-profit business. This non-profit business focuses on the advancement of racial equality and economic provision in communities across the city of Cleveland that are disproportionate. Justin also serves the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, other non-profit organizations, namely Teach for America and Destination Cleveland. He also serves at an equitable placemaking organization, Land Studio Inc. His experience of working as the Chief Strategy Officer of Urbanova alongside mayors and community leaders has given much insight as he positions himself for the Mayor of Cleveland.

As Justin makes his way through the political system, his main goals are to bring about racial equality and economic opportunities and provide the best assistance he can for people and positively impact their lives.

As the Mayor of Cleveland has concretized his view that more minds bring success. He takes the same attitude into the anticipated position and strives for even further excellence and success, with the history of his academic and professional portfolio standing firmly as proof of his ability to lead accordingly. 

For Bibb, the position as Mayor will blaze the trail for his passion to continue making Cleveland safe and healthy, become a tourist destination, and produce top-quality education. 

BMI Staff
BMI Staff