Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

Father’s Day 2021 Gift Guide

June 10, 2021 0

Father’s Day is approaching and we have curated the best gifts to give to not only your Father, but men who have inspired and mentored you on your journey. Below we have selected 8 brands by Black men who are redefining their industry, enhancing and celebrating the image of Black men all over the world.

1. Verdure Watches

Founded in 2012 by owner and designer Eddie Johnson, Verdure Watches represents storytelling, elegance, strength and sophistication. His latest collection, The Allure of the Lure collection, features inspiration from the fishing lure and the beautiful creatures that fish are. With this, Sculptured Fish Scale Dial, Sapphire Crystal Case Back connected to a classic metal band, this timepiece is the perfect gift Father’s Day.

2. Charles Woodson’s Intercept

While playing professional football with the Oakland Raiders, Charles Woodson organically saw the overlap between football and wine. He wanted to showcase his love and connection for both by teaming up with Jeff O’Neill of O’Neill Vintners & Distillers to create “Charles Woodson’s Intercept“, which is a nod to his 65-career interceptions. The brand sells three reds and one white: Intercept Pinot Noir, Intercept Cabernet Sauvignon, Intercept Red Blend, and Intercept Chardonnay. Woodson also labels “Intercept” as a message to “Thank his Fans”, and his goal in creating high quality wine at an affordable price. For any football lover or wine lover, this is a great pick for Father’s Day. (https://cwinterceptwines.com/)

3. Frères Branchiaux

Black businesses: Candle company by 3 kids hits 6-figure sales | wusa9.com

Frères Branchiaux® (pronounced “frair bron-shee-oh”) means Gill Brothers. The three brothers, Collin, Ryan, and Austin Gill wanted to create good smelling candles—really really good smelling candles. These vegan scented candles made with a premium soy blend are the perfect quality of candle to give to a man who enjoys a fresh smelling household. Besides candles, they also sell diffusers, room sprays and newly released “Black History Month – Stem Collection Candles”. You can view their selection here

4. Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter founder shares details on a new fragrance collection

Created by Calvin Quallis, Scotch Porter, named after his favorite drink and musician (Gregory Porter) is a must-have for Father’s Day. Each specialized kit for your hair or beard is perfect for any man’s daily regime and uses all natural ingredients. From beard wash kits, to beard health kits and skin grooming, this diverse selection should be a staple for every man’s household.

5. Tote & Carry

Tote&Carry - Chocolate Apollo Travel Set

Co-founded by Anthony Dennis, a stylist and tailor, and Tony Rey, an artist and entrepreneur, Tote & Carry creates durable travel bag sets. In addition to being durable, Tote & Carry creates a diverse range of travel bags such as crossbody and messenger bags for everyday use. These bags are also available in various rich colors, so whether you’re looking for a bold backpack and duffel set or a neutral arsenal of bags that will go with anything, there’s an option for you.and perfect for someone getting ready to travel again.

6. Ovation

Ovation for Men by Shawn Crenshaw EDP 1.7 OZ | Kingdom

Created by Shawn Crenshaw, Ovation is a celebration of the king inside every man. This fresh, aromatic, citrus and lingering woodsy note fragrance is perfect for summer time and will give you a lasting impression. The brand describes itself as more than a scent, its a magnetic experience rich in the confidence, style and attitude of today’s influential men of color. Make sure you pick up Ovation now.

7. Harrison Blake Apparel – Neck Ties

Harrison Blake Men's Skinny Modern Heavy Cotton Tie Blue Floral Print  Necktie at Amazon Men's Clothing store

Named after his son, Richard Taylor wanted to create fashionable pieces to complement your lifestyle and help you live the life of a gentleman. He does this with not only his ties, but his lapel pins as well. In addition to this, he has also created The SELECTED Monthly Club by Harrison Blake, which is a subscription club that delivers 5 classy accessories and unique products for gentlemen. Each box will contain a wide range of products; from neckties, accessories, lapel pins to wardrobe accessories. Each of these items are personally selected and are not sold on the website. A great pick for Father’s Day.

8. Deception Whiskey

For the man who wants something stronger than wine, Deception gives a completely new whiskey drinking experience. Founded in 2017, by Victor Franklin & Carlos Walker, Deception’s goal is to bridge together and create a new conversation. With smooth subtle notes of honey and smokey wooden undertones, Deception is a whiskey perfect for entry-level whiskey drinkers and will be appreciated by expert-level drinkers. A great beverage to share with not only your father, but the men in your life.

BMI Staff
BMI Staff