Black Bread Co, The First Black-Owned Sliced Bread Company

Black Bread Co, The First Black-Owned Sliced Bread Company

April 20, 2021 0

The Black Bread Co., as seen on Ellen, is the first Black owned sliced bread company. Not in their state, or in the US, but in the world! These three best friends, Charles Alexander, Mark Edmond, and Jamel Lewis all hail from the southside of Chicago and came together to start this company in order to inspire and empower others. They hope the image of their success spreads positive Black images, the notion of breaking generational curses and unity among Black people. 

They aim to please customers with freshly baked, premium sliced bread that is never bleached. But beyond selling bread, they wish to foster creativity and enrich marginalized communities.

How It Began

The company started around the time of the George Floyd incident. One founder lost his two jobs due to the pandemic, another left his job to work with the company full time, and the other works full time at his job and works full time with their company. But it all started with a grocery list. One founder went into the store looking for bread. Then they started googling all of the bread in the bread aisle, and became discouraged by the listed ingredients in everything they found. This inspired them to start the first ever Black owned sliced bread company in the world. 

However, none of them were bakers or experts when it comes to bread. They had to endure a ton of experimentation, and had thousands of attempts at creating the perfect recipe. The three constantly baked and tried their own bread until they finally got it just right. They had learned how to make tasty, premium bread from healthy ingredients. Beyond having the perfect recipe, they also wanted to make sure they had attractive packaging.

Inspiring The Next Generation

One of the founder’s sons, who is six years old, was given the task of writing about an important Black historical figure. He decided to write about his father and his company, the Black Bread Co. at large. Even though his son is only six years old, this taught him he could not only dream big, but also dare to be successful. 

Black Bread Co. is currently in five grocery stores in the Chicago area and are talking to big grocery store chains to get shelf space nationwide. You can preorder their bread or purchase merchandise from their website now. 

Johnny Ross