Health & Medicine

3rd November, 2023
2 mins

The African American Wellness Agency & The A Holistic Approach to African American Men's Health

Introduction The African American Male Wellness Agency (AAMWA), a 501-C3 charity, has been a driving

1st November, 2023
2 mins

Breaking Barriers: The Rise of Black Medical Schools

After nearly half a century, the number of Black medical schools in our nation is growing. Starting

17th February, 2022
2 mins

Frederick Akpoghene: Autonomous Vehicles And The Future Of Car Travel

Frederick Akpoghene is the founder of JéGO Technologies, Inc., a company that designs and manufactu

1st October, 2021
2 mins

Meet Dustin Young: The Male Doula Guiding Black Mothers Through Childbirth

There are stark racial disparities in maternal and infant health in America. Over 25,000 women devel

21st April, 2021
2 mins

How "Black Men in White Coats" is Inspiring Black Boys to Become Doctors

Dr. Dale Okorodudu, an African American doctor and founder of Black Men in White Coats is determined